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a Problematic Linksys router would cause many troubles for the users related to performance. connectivity and security. There are troubleshooting steps available when Linksys router is not working or having trouble with other things however when nothing works you are left with the option to reset Linksys router settings back to factory defaults.

Today in this post we will guide you on how to reset Linksys wireless router and troubleshoot the problems while doing it. there are only 2 ways one can restore Linksys router to factory defaults.

  • Hard Reset Linksys using the Reset key
  • Linksys router Soft Reset (Dashboard Reset)

Now Please Understand it before you jump to Process that with reset all the current settings of your Linksys wifi router will be erased back to default factory settings. it’s easy to setup Linksys router after reset so let’s continue With the reset. Start with the easy Process of hard reset if you are not able to login to the Linksys router console.

Reset Linksys Wifi Router

Now There is no need for any special Trick for reset using the hard reset however we have observed that if the reset if not done right it could cause hardware failure in some cases and you would have no Light on router so Follow the steps carefully-

  • Disconnect the Linksys from Modem With Cable.
connect linksys router to power
  • Plug the Linksys wifi router to the power source and turn it on.
  • Locate the Reset Hole Or Key at the back or bottom of your Linksys wireless router.
hard reset linksys router
  • Find any tiny Object such as Paper clip, Pen Or Toothpick.
  • Press the reset key at the back of your router and hold it for the next 20-25 seconds.
  • as soon as you see all light blinking on router Let the Reset key Go.
  • Wait for 5 Seconds and then restart the Linksys wireless router.

Now your linksys router should be restored back to default settings. You can Use the Exact same steps to reset linksys range extenders too.

After the restart of Router Please Restart the computer and Modem to refresh the settings. Once the Power cycle is done you can go back to setup linksys router as per your need.

if the reset is not successful in one Go then Do it again and this time do it Twice Before Restarting the router. this comes with an risk to hardware failure so to avoide any complications we have Find a bit complicated but better way of resetting the linksys router.

Linksys Router Dashbord Reset-

Linksys smart wifi router has different kinds of login page and console but the troubleshooting methods are the same as the old one. Now if you use Linksys smart wifi app or Linksys desktop app know as Linksys connect then you can just log in to the application and reset the settings back to default if you don’t have the app as of now then there is a manual and easy way of Doing it by logging into Linksys Router local console.

  • Connect the Linksys router with your laptop or desktop using internet cable.
  • Make sure the first Lan port of your router is connected with the computer and restart both devices.
  • Turn on the computer Open a fresh Browser and if possible a private tab.
  • Type or Type myrouter.local in address bard of your browser and press Enter.
  • use default credentials to login Linksys router and Go to Settings.
  • Under the settings Find Option that says Restore/Reset.
  • Click on it and process with Reset and within 2 Minutes all settings will be Gone and your Router will be Good as New.

Now disconnect the Computer from Router with the cable and Connect the Internet Port of your Router with Modem. Restart the Modem and Router Begin installing the Linksys router as a new wifi router.

Tips – Don’t Overdo reset and if somehow you feel reset is not working then it is likely some other issues and router is fine. Try checking your internet Modem in case of confusion and make sure its working.

Hope this answers all of your Questions and do let us know if you need any further help with your linksys wifi router. Do contact us if you looking for Quick help and not able to follow the steps given above.

Leave a Comment if you have any feedback that may help us improve the quality of this Guide.

Thank You in Advance.