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Having trouble installing the Linksys wireless router? Worry not in this post we have given dedicated multiple methods to help you setup Linksys wireless router. even linksys WiFi router comes in many variants, series, and Models However installing method is almost the same as all of your Linksys router.

Some of the Linksys Router Models are Linksys WRT, Linksys AC Series, Or Linksys Smart Wifi Router series. Apart from the Router make Built your installing steps can vary because of Your devices which you would like to use to install Linksys router. Our Methods will help you setup Linksys wifi router Including Windows, Mac, and ios Device. also in Our last Post, we explained to you How to setup Linksys wifi range extender

Now let us Begin by gathering some of the key information that is absolutely impotent while installing linksys WiFi router. i

Requirements for Linksys Wifi Setup

  • Internet Modem With Active Internet Connection.
  • a Computer (Windows Or Mac ) Or Any Smartphone.
  • Full Internet Browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Or Safari.
  • Power Source for Router Alongside Modem.

Now let’s Proceed for Installation & Follow the Steps Carefully. Note- these steps would Work on New and Old Both types of Linksys wireless router However if you have used Linksys wifi router then Please Reset Linksys wireless Router Before you Proceed to Install the Router.

Linksys Router Setup

  • Unbox the Linksys router & Use an Ethernet Cable to connect Linksys router with Modem. Cable Should be Connected from the WAN Port of Internet Modem to the Internet Port of Linksys Router.
  • Plug the Router to the Power Outlet Near Router and Make sure the Cable connection between Modem and router is intact.
  • Now Go to Your Laptop and refresh the available Network List & Connect with New Linksys Network Which is Shown there. this is where you can use your smartphone (Optional) instead of Laptop.

Tips – While Connecting the Computer or smartphone is crucial to the Router You Can Also Connect the Router with Computer using the Internet Cable. Connect the first Port of your Linksys Router to the Lan port of your Computer.

Now once the connection is established Please Cross check that Modem is connected with linksys Router and router is connected with Computer Or smartphone using Cable or wifi.

  • Once Connected with Linksys wifi Network Your router will auto Redirect You to the Linksys Setup console However if that does not happen to Try Manual steps given below-
  • Please Go to your computer and Open a fresh web Browser and type at the address bar of your browser and press Enter.
  • If Asked Use admin as username and admin as password. Once Logged in Please Follow On-screen Instruction to Setup Linksys router.
  • Select Language, Region, and Let the Modem detect the Internet Connection type.
  • Create SSID (Network Name) and Network Key (Wifi Password), Also Choose Are You Going to use the Singal band on the Router Or dual Band.
  • Setup 5.0Ghz Network Along with 2.4Ghz Network Or if you want You can Close One of them and use the recommended 2.4 GHz Only. Other bands such as 5.0 GHz is mostly used for streaming and online gaming purposes.
  • Setup Router security Authentication Protocol as WPS2- PSK and Create a complex Wifi password.
  • Create and strong Router admin Password so only you can make changes to the wireless router.
  • Save all the settings and reboot the wireless router and Now your Linksys router should be configured and ready to use.
  • Now Restart Your computer and connect with Linksys Router new network name that you just created and test whether the internet is working or Not.

if any problem Occurred and if the linksys router is not working then its best you reset the linksys router and try again using the same steps. a single glitch or mistake can disrupt the installation.

Hopefully this will help you setup linksys router however if you need any help with linksys wifi router Please Comment below and let us know to help you fix the problems.