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Increasing the network strength has been never this easy, installing a linksys range extender will help you extend the Network coverage aria and it will grant you internet access throughout your Home. Today this post is dedicated to help you understand about linksys extender setup and How to use configure it with your existing wireless router.

Before You setup Linksys wifi range extender you must Gather some information and ready some Equipment. Some of the things you need Before Linksys wireless extender setup are –

  • An Existing WiFi router/modem with working internet connection
  • Network Key(Password) of your existing router.
  • Internet Cable (In Case You Want Wired Setup)
  • Laptop or Phone With the wireless capacity
  • Full Internet Browser Such as safari. Microsoft edge Chrome or Mozilla firefox.
  • Power Supply to Provide electricity to Extender
  • Default IP address Or web address for Linksys wifi extender

if it is an Old Linksys range extender Or if you are in the middle of reinstalling the Linksys extender then it is best that you Reset the extender to default settings before you Proceed. You can find the correct way of resetting Linksys extender later in this post.

Most of the range extender are Plug and play devices and given steps can be used to setup all Models and series of linksys extender.Now Please Follow steps to configure linksys wifi extender.

Linksys Extender Setup

  • unbox the Linksys extender and Bring it near to the main wifi router for perfect installation.
  • Plug the extender to power sources and turn it On.
plug linksys extender to power
  • Restart Modem/Router and refresh the Available wifi network list on Your phone/laptop
  • Connect with new wifi Linksys extender Network and it should take you to the extender dashboard.
  • if you Don’t see any Console page please Manually enter the web address or
  • if asked for username and password type admin as username and admin as the password to login Linksys range extender Console
  • Once Logged in Please follow on-screen instructions to setup Linksys range extender,
  • You Can Select your language and then click on Start Option to begin the setup.
  • Accept the license agreement and click on I Agree.
licence agreement
  • it will detect settings and search for all available wifi Networks Around you Please wait While it does that.
  • Now many wifi networks may appear Please select your existing wifi network and click on it there may be a screen Asking dor password and telling you How close are you from wifi router and how far you can place it Please ignore it for Now and just type the password to join the existing wifi network.
connect extender with router
  • in Next Steps, you can change the network name of your upcoming extended Network Or leave it as it is. to avoid confusion Please change it to something you want.
  • You can create a New password for Linksys extender Network Or Choose a security type (Use WPA2 Personal)
  • if it is dual-band extender you have a choice to Keep 2.4 GHz Network Or Use 5.0Ghz network along with it.
setup linksys wifi extender
  • To manage and secure your Linksys extender you can create an admin password that would allow only you to access the Linksys extender console and the default password will no longer work.
secure linksys wifi extender
  • Save the settings and Print the details if you need to keep it somewhere. Your extender is fully configured.
  • Now restart the extender Place it anywhere in the Middle of the House to get the proper signal around it.

Now it should help you setup linksys extender to your Main wireless router. If you still can’t connect to this network then it might be because of setup Gone wrong. Please Reset the extender to start Over.

Reset Linksys Range Extender

When it a new linksys extender you should not have any issue doing reset on it So just follow the steps –

  • Plug the extender to Power Outlet and turn it on.
  • Locate the Reset key at the back of linksys extender and Find a toothpick or Pen.
  • Press the reset Hole using the tiny object and hold it for next 20 seconds
  • Let the Reset key go and Restart the WiFi extender
  • After the restart Please Reboot the router and Computer to refresh the settings

Now Use the same stesp to setup linksys range extender as given on top And install linksys wifi extender.

Do let us know if you need any other help with your linksys wifi extender.

You can also use WPS Method to Setup linksys extender. Please Read further to Know the installation using WPS Key